Security services in Bangladesh

Does the security guard come across your mind when someone says security services? Even if you are picturing one of those well built uniformed men from hollywood you are correct. Both of them are for security services. 

A person who protects his client’s life and assets such as money, property or equipment from theft, robbery, and vandalism is known as a security guard/ officer. They protect lives and properties from various criminal hazards., Both of the prevent unwanted situation legally and ensure the safety of the client and people around. They are hired by both private firms and the government. 

Well, the intensity of their roles differs. The security guard handles the entry and exit of the assigned premises by checking everyone personally. While the security officers are rigorously trained to handle critical situations. The term ‘security officer’ connotes professionalism. He /She ought to possess the confidence to make fast decisions, assign and supervise the guards, exercise quick duties on emergency situations.

Sequrity service in bangladesh

Our team consists of general guards, premium bodyguards, lady guards, security supervisors, and security officers.

According to crime stats, Bangladesh ranks 4th on crime levels and the ongoing level of crime is 72.77 %. Burglary, Car Theft, and Housebreaking are no strangers. Every day we come across some kind of crime on newspapers

Our security team goes through various technical skill tests to confront any difficult situations. Whenever any crisis occurs our well-experienced team ensures safety at any cost. Our highly qualified officers serve a wide range of clients keeping up the standard services for years. We have been appreciated by many for our constant vigilance and sense of responsibility. Our services include verifying IDs,  preventing and reporting any suspicious threat and trespassing to secure your business or properties. The Farazi event security service is a private security service to make you feel safe and at ease, deter crimes happening around