Employing a bodyguard is less of being a snob and more about necessity. These personal protection officers are employed by famous celebrities, high ranking wealthy people, high profile business executives, politicians to secure themselves from threats, leakage of confidential information, kidnapping and assassination. Bodyguards are usually from military or police background. They are assigned to execute safety plans of the client by escorting them to their day to day activities. Providing security is a 24/7 job that requires being with the client all the time. Ideally preventing attacks a bodyguard can use force if necessary.,The job may involve carrying and using weapons legally , providing the necessary security measures whenever the situation demands.

Responsibilities of a bodyguard

  • Taking safety measures according to the daily schedule of the client
  • Sometimes bodyguards drive the clients to their destination in the possible safest route
  • Staying alert for any danger and providing close protection
  • Prevent strangers from getting closed
  • Pre checking the places and the vehicles
  • Analyze individual’s background for safety 
  • Defend the client using hand to hand combat or weapon if necessary
  • Scan and monitor the surrounding place and people

Bodyguards work in an endangered environment. He will be constantly observing the surroundings. He needs to be intuitive about potential dangers. He should have access and information about the place and no alternative exit should there be any chaotic situation. They may carry weapons to respond to emergencies. If the client is at high risk he watches for explosives and potential shooters and always ready to defend the client.

A bodyguard must have some qualities such as:

  • He must be physically fit and healthy. Although most of the time the job requires being with the client and waiting, he must perform well in case of any impending risk He must undergo  psychological tests as well, to assess his ability to perform
  • He needs to communicate well not only with the client but also with the public for safety purpose
  • Sometimes this job requires traveling along with the client hence he should be flexible and adaptable to changes
  • A bodyguard needs to have a sense of duty and be fearless.
  • Because he needs to be always watchful, he should not be distracted and bored